• Discover the Luxury Line Ampoules of PrediTR3, with the innovative beauty serums, which cover all the needs of modern woman's skin.

  • PrediTR3's highly concentrated serums are the result of long years of research and experience in the field of cosmetology. PrediTR3's Luxury Line Ampoules contain clinically tested active ingredients and have been subjected to strict dermatological tests. They contain a very high percentage of beneficial natural ingredients and are non-irritating to the skin.

  • The highly concentrated serums of PrediTR3's Luxury Line Ampoules cover a wide range of the skin’s needs such as smoothing of wrinkles, firming, revitalizing, reconstruction, intense hydration, and protection against urban stress and free radicals.

  • With their powerful anti-aging action, PrediTR3's innovative serums nourish, moisturize and reconstruct the epidermis, restoring the firmness and luminosity of the skin. With systematic use, the skin acquires a radiant and revitalized look, with velvety texture.

  • Ask your pharmacist for advice and choose the right serum for the needs of your skin. For maximum results, you can create your own personalized beauty protocol by combining PrediTR3’s serums.


ERROSTHE lozenges

  • The Errosthe throat lozenges have one of the highest Thyme Honey contents, combining essential oils of beneficial plants of the Greek land.
  • Combining the pure Thyme Honey and the unique properties of Chios Mastic,Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Oregano helps relieve the discomfort of shore throat in a natural manner, providing enjoyable flavor combinations at the same time!
  • The combination of ingredients contributes to:
    • Calm sore throat
    • Improve breathing In a natural manner!
  • In three unique escalated intensity flavors:
    • Chios Mastic [Medium]
    • Eucalyptus [Strong]
    • Peppermint-O
  • ERROSTHE lozenges
    • The power of Greek nature!
    • No added sugar