About us

PrediTr3 is a new company with modern strategy, strongly focusing on innovative healthcare solutions. PrediTr3 was founded in 2017 by executives with long experience in the pharmaceutical sector and in the field of dietary supplements.

We invite you to explore the way we operate, our values and our vision.




Having gained highly specialized scientific training, experience and valuable knowledge, we are rapidly expanding to the Greek market, representing international brands of dietary supplements and medical devices.

At the same time, we create and develop our own lines of dermocosmetics and dietary supplements of top quality.


The people of PrediTr3 are the company's most valuable asset, and at the same time its strongest competitive advantage. We are a unified and creatively thinking team.

We are not only knowledgeable but sensitive as well to the needs of our fellow human beings, and we always stand next to consumers and health-care professionals.


Turning ideas into action


We listen carefully to the needs of consumers and we explore in depth each problem, aiming at the best solution that will meet the most demanding criteria. We are looking for top quality raw materials worldwide, along with state of the art European factories, in order to meet the strictest specifications.

Our dedication to quality in everything we do is uncompromising.


We select and develop innovative products with high bioavailability and beneficial effects on the human organism. Our products belong to the categories of medical devices, natural dermocosmetics and dietary supplements with innovative formulas from plant extracts.

Our products are all approved in the European Union and concern the health and beauty of consumers.




We have been standing by the side of Greek pharmacists, since the start of our company. With consistency and knowledge, we support pharmacies by offering innovative formulations that meet essential consumer needs.

At the same time, we offer our help and support to pharmacists through on-site training seminars, well-designed information material for staff and consumers, and ongoing scientific support.